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My Favorite Things
Written By: Linda Sears
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My Favorite Things
Jenna, Patrick and proud parents of the SU grad John & Linda Sears.

    This is truly the most wonderful time of the year! Donations increase at a time when it is most needed, people open their hearts and their purse and give big! Families come together for a great meal and share stories of how their year has gone, good and bad. Presents are given and exchanged, some with great thought and love and others not so much! I think years ago my loving sister-in-law must have gotten a great deal on a case of Yankee candles because this has been my gift for many years. They do say that it is the thought that counts but I really don't think she likes me. I'm just sayin’, put a little thought into your gift giving this year and make every gift mean something or don't bother; just save your money - holidays are stressful enough. Don't strain your brain! I'm Just Sayin!
    I was listening to talk radio and the question of the day was, what is your best holiday memory? Well I'm going to share mine with you and just maybe this could be your hot topic of conversation at your family gathering to spark a great family discussion.
    I can remember back when I was a kid when we would have snow for Christmas many times unlike now. One year the snow was so deep when the plow went by the snow was piled really high. So a bunch of the neighborhood kids got together and dug holes in the front and created an igloo. Each one of us had our own and then we made a path between the rooms and connected them. It was so cool our parents came out and took pictures with their little instamatics and polaroid cameras. We made a window in each one and my mom let me have some bows and Christmas decorations so it looked like a Christmas village in Alaska or Santa's North Pole, which is exactly what we called it! Tables and chairs were made from packed snow and our parents surprised us by crawling in with hot chocolate and cookies so we had a party. I hope that one day I will find the pictures so I can share this story with my kids and grand kids! I'm Just Sayin’!
    For this ‘Merry Christmas' issue I'm going to take a page right out of Oprah's Christmas Favorite Things Magazine and share with you all my "2014" favorite "Beauty Tips" for all my fans! You have been asking for this so here goes!
    Tip #1: "Gardiner Skin Renew" - I have been using this product for a long time on my shoulders and chest and I just love what it has done for my sun damaged ageing skin. It really does minimize signs of sun damage, uneven tones, sun spots and fine lines. I have gotten many compliments on how great my shoulders and neck area look and everyone I have told about this is having the same results.
    Tip # 2: "L'Oreal Youth Code Pore Vanisher" - This cream claims to shrink actual pore size in 1 month. I have been using this product since late summer and let me tell you, it does what it claims and I love how it makes my face look. It's easier to apply my foundation and I don't have to touch up or re-apply during the day or worry about it fading while I'm jumping around on stage singing my heart out. I love it ... Just Sayin’!
    Tip # 3: "Neosporin " - From day one of my beauty tips I have shared with you that I swore by using Neosporin for everything. I mix a little dot of it with my day cream before applying my foundation in the morning. I mix a larger amount with my night cream before bed. Bacteria is on everything you touch so using a little antibacterial cream on your face morning and at night is only going to help your skin ... I'm  just sayin’!
    Tip # 4: "Avon Anew"- Avon has come out with a line of face products that no matter what your age there is a line that works for you. I use the Platinum line of day and night cream. This cream has a great consistency and allows me to mix and match different creams that I try, and to use my favorite foundation without any separation, streaking or changing of color. Perfect for all seasons!
    Quote of the Week: "The only thing you can take with you when it's your time to pass is a heart full of love, as we are hunters and gatherers, spend your life gathering love not positions"! I'm Just Saying"!
    Congratulations to my son Patrick John Sears for his Dec. 13th Graduation from The University Of Salisbury with a Biology Degree and a minor in Physiology! We are so very proud of his accomplishment!! MERRRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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