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"Surprise Wedding"
Written By: Linda Sears
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"Surprise Wedding"
John & Donna were all smiles after their beautiful surprise wedding.

    A few weeks ago I shared with you that my husband and I were going on our first extended road trip over the mountains six hours to West Virginia to visit my dad. Then another five over the Ohio River to Canton to visit friends and then another five home. I'm happy to report that we made it home safe and sound, nary a harsh word! A little scary at times as some of the roads in WV were pretty bad with very large pot holes. In some places the pavement was falling away down the side of the mountain. I drove the last hour as I know the roads pretty well. I was sure I heard a prayer or two coming from the passenger seat as John was white knuckling it the whole way. My 89-year-young dad was very happy to see us and we really had a great visit. First thing I noticed when we entered his cabin was his new flat screen TV. He confessed that as he was cleaning his gun he happened to shoot a cowboy right between the eyes and, oh yes, shot his TV. He laughingly said I needed a new one anyway. OMG dad, really !!
    Off to visit our friends John and Donna in Canton, Ohio, visit the Football Hall of Fame and help them plan a destination wedding. After an awesome steak dinner and a great bottle of "Camus 40" Cab, we began to plan their wedding to St. Thomas. We soon were disappointed to find that it’s very expensive and no direct flights. So I got on the phone with RCI and in minutes we are hooked up with a great place on hotel row in Cancun. Direct flight from BWI and the price was great! As we were celebrating getting our trip set, I asked a very important question ... or maybe it was in the form of a comment. Either way we all came to the same conclusion: OMG! US citizens can't legally get married in Mexico! Soooo, I then asked a question that ultimately changed our plans for the whole weekend! Hey guys, what are you waiting for? John and I are here and it's going to be a beautiful fall weekend ... why not get married now? So as we were popping the cork on our fourth bottle of wine, we helped them plan their wedding - ASAP! Long story short - all the pieces just kept falling into place like it was meant to be. Donna even had a dress with the tags still on it hanging in her closet that was perfect! Nine A.M. Monday morning they were at the court house getting the license and at 2:00 we all were standing in the middle of Constitution Park in a cute little gazebo surrounded by a pond and lots of geese. The mayor of Louisville, Ohio, just happened to be free that day and agreed to officiate to help them say "I Do"! And then introducing Mr. and Mrs. Borkowski! We never made it to the Football Hall of Fame but we did have a touch down of sorts! In less than 24 hours we had lots of wine, Champaign, cake and a beautiful wedding! Now we can go to Cancun and celebrate and maybe, just maybe, I can surprise them with their dream beach wedding! I can do this, wish me luck ! Just Sayin’!
    Ocean City is really gearing up for an awesome holiday season with the Winterfest of Lights from Nov. 20 thru Jan. 4. New this year is a Horse and Heated Carriage Ride from the Inlet parking lot down the boardwalk to 4th St. and back, weather permitting, until April 26, 2015. What an awesome date night that would be ... a romantic dinner and then a carriage ride under the stars down the boards. Just Sayin’!
    I was at Marshall's on Monday and in Salisbury on Tuesday where I found Christmas busting out all over the place. Yes, I know Halloween was just last week! If you can, now is the time to check out the isle after isle of clearance racks filled with summer clothes. All the stores are filling their shelves with winter clothes and Christmas merchandise so now is the time to shop. It's the perfect time to get your new summer wardrobe cheap and get those great Christmas gifts first before they are all gone! So get out there and happy shopping. I'm Just Sayin!
    Typhoon "Astro" hit Japan last week and as it heads for Canada it is pushing the jet stream, all the crazy cold air and that four letter word (snow), downward into the US. Get out those winter coats, people, looks like we are going to need them this week here in O.C. I'm Jusy Sayin’!
    Next week is Thanksgiving. Ask yourself what you are thankful for. I am thankful for my family and friends and that we are all healthy and happy. I'm Just Sayin’!
Quote of the week : "Don't Worry About Tomorrow. It Only Takes The S From Strength From Today"!
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