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Robin Walter Salon and Day Spa
Written By: Jenny Samuels
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Robin Walter Salon and Day Spa
Christy & Kim smile in front of the Lucky Girl product line and other merchandise available at Robin Walter Salon & Day Spa.
Robin Walter Salon and Day Spa
Linda and Vickie invite you to check out the latest trends in nail fashion, like Shellac gel and Pirates of the Caribbean colors by OPI.
Robin Walter Salon and Day Spa
Hairstylists at Robin Walter Salon & Day Spa are ready to provide you with the trendiest looks, ranging from classic to edgy.
    Do you love to stay on the cutting edge of nail and hairstyle trends? Let me tell you about a heavenly experience that I recently treated myself to at Robin Walter Salon & Day Spa in Ocean Pines.
    If you ask any expert esthetician—like Christy, who has been at Robin Walter Salon & Day Spa since it opened nearly five years ago—about the hottest trends in anti aging, chances are she’ll recommend a product line. Not only is Christy knowledgeable about makeup and skin care products, but she has created her own bath product line—Lucky Girl—that is available for sale at the salon.
    Christy notes that the hottest trend for Summer 2011 is Lluvia™ organic skin care. Natural skin care from Rainforest plants, the Lluvia™ line presents replenishing moisturizer, deep nourishing oil, refreshing mist toner, botanical facial cleanser, a crystal exfoliator, and Vitamin C and antioxidant anti-aging serum. Another popular skincare line is Lumafirm™ Lift & Glow. Its repair cream is bursting with anti-free radicals that firm, tighten, brighten, and redefine skin texture and facial contour.
    Offering a complete line of spa services, Robin Walter boasts anti-aging treatments that are unique to the area. Touted as the most effective age management program available today, the Energie 900 treatment uses a non-invasive Kinetic Bio Stimulation process to transfer energy directly to the cells. Acupoint rejuvenation, photobiostimulation, and energizing cellular massage restore a youthful appearance. Robin Walter also provides the ECHO2 Plus™ Oxygen Treatment System, which features pure oxygen and 87 different vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids.
    In addition to these anti-aging treatments, Robin Walter provides a variety of facial peels. As seen on Oprah, the Extreme Rejuvenation technology visibly improves skin. The Age Smart Treatment is ideal for the future of your skin, while the Myoxy-Caviar and Pearl procedure is the most advanced defense against aging. Treatment Facials are also available to target rosacea, skin brightening, acne repair, and environmental factors. Visit the salon today to sample these extraordinary products and find out more information.
    What are the fiercest nail trends this summer? At Robin Walter Salon & Day Spa, Shellac is immensely popular. A long-lasting gel, Shellac applies like polish and lasts nearly 14 days. Teen-aged customers are particularly fond of the Shatter cracked finish manicure style. Robin Walter Salon & Day Spa also carries the Pirates of the Caribbean collection by OPI, exclusively for the summer season. Of course the salon offers a full range of nail services, including manicure, French manicure, Golfer’s manicure, polish change, full set, fills, and foot detox. The mini pedicure is for express treatments, while the spa pedicure is a one-hour service including exfoliating body scrub below the knees and full exfoliation of feet with a foot file.
    Staffed with a combination of seasoned hairstylists who’ve been working in Ocean Pines for decades, and fresh, young stylists who provide local hipsters with edgy looks, Robin Walter is equipped to serve all generations. The latest hair trend is feather extensions. Perfect for the summer, these extensions are typically four feathers bonded at the tip to create one extension. Available in a full spectrum of colors, they can be washed, blow dried, straightened, and curled. Robin Walter offers other hair extension services, too, along with trims, styling, color, and chemical treatments.
    I started my day spa indulgence with a tour of the establishment. Linda, a licensed massage therapist, graciously showed me the Glow Room, where spray tans are expertly applied, and the Waterfall Room, where facials and massages take place. Her favorite room is the Shangri-La Room, which features a soothing sky dome over the massage table. The spa also includes a quiet area for consultations and bridal parties.
    Linda led me to the Oasis Room, which includes a shower for body treatments, and can accommodate couple massages. Scheduled for a deep tissue massage, I told Linda that I was suffering from a sinus headache. She explained several different massage methods with me, and politely asked if I would mind if she incorporated hot stones in my massage. Linda has a calming voice that instantly put me at ease. As we further discussed her massage techniques, she offered to perform trigger point therapy on my “angry spots.”
    As Linda explained, trigger point therapy is the preferred method that John F. Kennedy used to relieve his back pain. The idea behind the technique is that skeletal muscles contain small knots or taut bands of muscle fibers. Applying deep pressure to these points causes the pain to release from the body.
    Linda clearly instructed me how to prepare for our session, and she gave me privacy while I made myself comfortable. Relaxing new age music drifts throughout the room, and dimmed lighting adds to the mellow atmosphere. Linda reentered the room and began massaging and applying pressure to my sinuses, forehead, and jaw line. As she worked her way down my shoulders, chest, and arms, it occurred to me that my headache was completely gone. I was able to totally relax and “think limp,” as Linda reminded me throughout our session.
    Keeping my eyes and mouth shut, I listened as Linda occasionally broke the silence with tips about how to stay relaxed. She told me about an exercise I could do at home involving a tennis ball in a tube sock as a neck and back rub device. She also advocates the use of Epsom salts in bathwater to draw toxins from the body.
    Linda applied hot stones to my back. The heat took me to another level of relaxation. She asked if the temperature was comfortable before proceeding with the massage. Linda is skilled at ensuring your well being without over imposing. As my session with Linda ended, I felt completely relaxed and wondered if I could indulge in a deep tissue massage on a weekly basis.
    Next, Linda took me into the pedicure room and introduced me to the nail technician, Kim. We selected a shade for my nails—Red Dazzle by OPI. While I sat in a raised, cushioned throne with armrests, Kim placed a hot wrap around the back of my neck, and I soaked my feet in a pedicure whirlpool.  As Kim exfoliated my feet, she greeted other customers by first name and asked details about their families and travels. It’s clear that she takes the time to get to know her regular customers on a personal level. I also had a stack of magazines in arm’s reach for my browsing pleasure.
    Kim did a fantastic job on my nails. Fourteen days later, my pedicure has withstood multiple swims and remains dazzling red. When I removed my polish from my nails, I was impressed at how healthy my fingers look.
    Locally renowned for its exclusive products and treatments, Robin Walter Salon & Day Spa also offers a complete line of body treatments and waxing services—including brow, back, lip, chin, bikini, Brazilian, and French bikini. Spa packages are also available for men, women, and weddings.
    Open seven days a week, Robin Walter Salon & Day Spa is staffed with well-educated experts who are passionate about their areas of expertise. They also pride themselves on being an integral part of the local community, developing friendships with residents and staying abreast of the latest styles and techniques. For more information, visit , call 410-208-2576, or visit their establishment in Pennington Commons on Manklin Creek Road in Ocean Pines.
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