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Coconuts Beach Bar - 6/24/11
Posted On: Friday, June 24th, 2011
    An unbelievable week at COCONUTS…. Ocean City local and legend AUSTIN MATHERS visiting from the Virgin Islands along with friends TRES DENK from Independent Tattoo and MIKE from Fager’s.
    Thanks to the CLARION crew who stop by every week to visit. JASON and TREVOR from Pittsburgh are on their 2nd visit to COCONUTS… once you find us !
    Many thanks to CAREY DISTRIBUTORS, TOM, CHRIS and their whole gang... a great day of volleyball, sun and of course, their favorite beverages.
    Congratulations to KELLY and ANDY who celebrated their wedding on Saturday night under our sparkling palms… love was in the air along with the fantastic sounds of KEVIN POOLE, JOE MAMA and JOE  SMOOTH… the bells kept ringing and they kept kissing!!
    Best of wishes to  BILL and TRAVIS also…. rain drops fell on their wedding brunch but no one seemed to care ... a bagel, a Bloody Mary then the  sun came out and the happy couple ended up on the beach after all… for some much needed  R n R.
    Ran into dear old friends DAVID and wife PATTI… what a lovely surprise!  They fell right into the rhythm of our 2 for 1 Happy Hour along with PAM and DEAN, KATE and MIKE.
    It’s FIREMENS WEEK - we thank you all for all you do! Special hello to my favorite firemen JOE and Tim!
    COCONUTS, the best beach bar on the planet, and everywhere else… find us… and stay!
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Coconuts Beach Bar - 6/17/11
Posted On: Friday, June 17th, 2011
    What a treat this week! Thanks everyone for coming out! Despite the weather faux pas here and there we'd say it’s been a fantastic week!  We had QUITE the view of the AIR SHOW and it was breathtaking! Along with that we had a few visits from some of our local favorites.  Love seeing the Seacrets crew here including JT OBRIAN, MIKE LOTT, and the bay girls!  Jeremy Markel and friends came by with our friend Stephanie Henson to show some love during our FAMOUS happy hour!
    Hilton bartender ELI stopped by with some of the pool bar gang to hang during the day with Osborn’s Scott Ludwig.  Clarion’s deck crew came by for a few hours to enjoy some fun in the sun including volleyball, drinks and food!! It was nice to see some old faces make their way back this summer like Barb and Mary Rice, two lovely ladies you don’t want to miss next time you’re here!
    A few of the Karb Kings Baltimore Car Club crew stopped in including Sean Murphy and girlfriend Lena. Some newbies from the D.C. area heard about us and were repeat offenders this week (and that’s in a good way); was nice meeting you Adam Merkle and Stacy Stough!!  Previous Ocean city residents Katie Kansler, Seth Underwood, Brit Any and Amanda Mosser had '"an awesome time" with their visit as well!!!
    Thanks to all the Belly Busters crew for stopping in. It’s always a pleasure. Now if you missed the rocking jams by Overdrive or Johnny Bling, make sure you definitely catch them next time they play here at COCONUTS because they ROCKED THE SOCKS OFF ..well...if people actually wore socks at coconuts they would be rocked OFF!!
    Look forward to seeing many more faces this week and don't forget every day there are daily specials at the bar. Stay cool this hot summer!
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Coconuts Beach Bar - 6/10/11
Posted On: Friday, June 10th, 2011
    It was a spectacular RAVEN’S weekend her at the Castle! Every room was filled with  Raven fans. COCONUTS  and the whole property was a sea of purple.  Back year after year SUE, GEORGE (thanks for the vodka cherries again!), ED, MARY, ROB, LAURA, my favorite 90-year-old MS JUNE, SHARON, ED and DARLENE. Thanks to Roost 54 for an awesome tailgate party and how nice to have a surprise visit by MICK.
    The weekend rocked out with KEVIN AND JOE and CROWDED OUTHOUSE, and the Ravens’s brought their own DJ, MARCUS. He and his wife BARBIE make a wonderfully fun couple and he is the best at entertaining and hosting. I miss you all!!!
    M. P. and STEVE are back!  Summer has officially begun and the crazy SUNDAY FUNDAY crew is complete! Check out TED and STEVE’S antics any afternoon and now that JOHN and PAUL think they can sing, there will be no living with them.
    Catch the Tiki bar any afternoon for a refreshing libation but get there early if you want to take advantage of the fastest happy hour on the beach. 2 for 1 drinks from 5pm – 6pm
    We welcome the SURFRIDER LONFBOARD CHALLENGE this weekend on the CASTLE  beach. All welcome to be a part of some of the best surfing on the coast. Lots of family fun...a great way to support a wonderful local cause.
    Find us at COCONUTS and stay… the best beach bar on the planet and everywhere else!!
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Coconuts Beach Bar - 6/3/11
Posted On: Friday, June 3rd, 2011
    What an amazing Memorial Day! We know you were all anxious for Coconuts to open but it was “standing in the sand” room only all weekend!! Celebrating the holiday were some old friends PHIL, HELEN, our other HELEN, BARBARA, ROB, LORI and their girls, EMILY and Sarah.  Making her Coconuts debut was ADRIANNA, beautiful  new daughter of ERIN and JOHN and little sister to BRIN.
    Our beach girls LIZ and HILLIARY were BUSSSSY …yes, that’s right, grab your beach chair and head to 37th Street.  We will serve you right on the beach, the best beach burger and the frosty, frozen beverage of your choice!
    Hey, something new at the Castle an ICE CREAM SHOPPE... stop in for a simple scoop of delicious ice cream. JUDE had the first scoop, and I believe the second also! Indulge in a house specialty - THE “TURTLE SUNDAE.” Stop by and ask for “TAKE A DIP.”
    The Castle is delighted to once again be the host hotel to the Baltimore Ravens and their fans this weekend. A lot of hard work by SUE, GEORGE, MEL and CAROL results in a weekend full of volleyball, scavenger hunts, horse shoes, karaoke and, of course, the occasional cold one! The food events are private but you are more than welcome to stop by and watch the festivities.
    Speaking of Raven’s, I received a call from MICHAEL MCRARY last week and was able to get him a room for Memorial Day weekend.  I have met a lot of Raven’s players but he was by far the nicest, down to earth gentleman. Course everyone recognized him and he would stop, chat, pose for pics. With 10 seasons in for the RAVEN’S and a spot on their Wall of Honor, it was a true pleasure to meet him.
    A big shout out to our one and only ANDREI… may he make it through the summer.
    Hey, find us at Coconuts and stay… the best beach bar on the planet and everywhere else!
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