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Coconuts Beach Bar - 8/26/11
Posted On: Friday, August 26th, 2011
    Rain, rain go away so we can play in the sun all day! It’s been crazy weather but that hasn’t stopped all our wonderful guests from enjoying a beautiful time here at COCONUTS.
    Sad to say goodby to our own OVILVIA as she heads back to Connecticut.  Dad JEFF and the rest of the TRACEY clan came down to celebrate one last weekend and we can’t wait to see them next year.  Bye to our KATIE too... another great year at school for you! Scope guys, CHARLIE, JOHN & TIMMY came by for a long awaited Happy Hour on their day off from capturing our O.C. visitors memories.
    Have Bling? Coconuts sure did this weekend… JOHNNY MOJO… JOHN LAMERE and JOHNNY BLING… and boy did we get blinged! Great tunes, great dancing... great fun! Was that STACEY, M.P. and STEVE rockin out at the Tiki Bar? Hey, was that a MAX sighting? How nice to have MARY and ED, our favorite Raven’s fans down during the season; getting in a little RnR before the official start of football.
    Have a great week everyone, from… COCONUTS… the best beach bar on the planet and everywhere else! Find us and stay…
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Coconuts Beach Bar - 8/12/11
Posted On: Friday, August 12th, 2011
    This summer is just flying on by isn't it? The O’Brien ladies were dancing up a storm at Coconuts. Liz Pallia and friends Marteen, Anna, Laura, Andrew, Andy & Carlos all came to celebrate Liz's 24th birthday and where better than Coconuts! Thanks guys! And happy 24th birthday!
    Helen and Phil along with friend Barbara stayed at the castle for another glorious weekend. How we love them so! Jaime Kaslow, local photographer and South Moon Under employee, stopped by with girlfriend Deserie Lawrence to show their outta town friends the best happy hour in town! Oh yeah! Chris Simms and girlfriend Christina Dambrosio spent their Saturday off hanging at Coconuts. It’s kind of their thing.
    If you were around Saturday then you got to experience the fun time all the fellas had in the volleyball tournament! Local Bobby Lating from Smitty McGee’s loves spending his time off playing volleyball and hanging with friends and family at Coconuts AND WE LOVE HAVING YOU.
    Thanks to everyone who came out this week. Coconuts wouldn't be what it is without you all! Have a great week and we look forward to seeing all our guests! Don't forget live music every day 2 to 6! And the best happy hour in town! Coconuts, the best beach bar on the planet and everywhere else...find us and stay!
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Coconuts Beach Bar - 8/5/11
Posted On: Friday, August 5th, 2011
    When you’re Hot you’re Hot!!  And that was a hot week… where to cool off?  COCONUTS BEACH BAR and Grille! Wrap your hands around a frozen Piña Colada or  a Queen Anne Slam, enjoy the mist coming off of our swaying palms and close your eyes and relax to the sounds of the best entertainment on the island.
    Catch RANDY LEE Sat night 5-9, CROWDED OUTHOUSE Sun 2–6, JOE and BOB on Mon 2–6, a little more RANDY LEE on Tues, AARON on THURS and DARIN On Fri… incredible lineup!
    It was nice to see CHAD and his family here for another season. That goes for KARL and his family as well plus all his lacrosse gang! TRAVIS, BRAD, JASON, and JOSH from Balto. spent  every day of their “man week” with us making those “man week memories, haha”.
    Some of my best of friends, WENDE and mom FLOSSIE, BECKY and fam, MICHAEL, LAURA and one of my favorite guys PATRICK, were here on their annual vaca. Tough getting them off the beach... but the call of COCONUTS is hard to resist!
    MICHELLE celebrated her birthday weekend ALL WEEKEND with cousins, aunts and uncles, TONY, WHITNEY, DANIELLE, NICOLE, ZACH, CINDY, RICK, KRIS, TOM, LISA and NANCY... PHEW!
    Couldn’t end without a tremendous thank you to ANN and GENE for a most wonderful week. There is no more precious time spent than time with old friends. They can’t get back to Ocean City soon enough!!
    COCONUTS BEACH BAR and GRILLE , the best beach bar on the planet and everywhere else…find us and stay!
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