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Bar Hopping
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Coconuts Beach Bar - 7/25/14
Posted On: Friday, July 25th, 2014
    Rain, rain go away so we can play in the sun all day! A drop or two didn’t deter some favorites LOU and TINA from a late lunch, early happy hour! Nice to see CHUCK, ROSEMARY and their pups SADIE and MAGGIE back for the summer.
    Stop by and grab our entertainment schedule… some new faces this season… The POOLE BROTHERS, COOL CHANGE, JOSH PRYOR and of course, JOHN LAMERE, CHRIS and JOE, AARON, DARIN and BOB… music every day 12-3… 4-8. We’ll keep your days  and nights rockin.
    Welcome back to the LICATESE FAMILY, long time Castle guests. What a fun family; they have theme night each year. This year it was Christmas in July, complete with  lawn reindeer, tree, balcony decorations…. the spirit was catching!!  What’s on your Christmas list??
    Congratulations GORDON… our Tipsy Turtle winner this week… could be on his way to the Bahamas. Join the fun… stop by on Tuesdays and have a Tipsy Turtle and be entered into our summer long contest… win a free five-day vacation for 2 to our sister resort the GREEN TURTLE CLUB.
    Hey, we have some fun for ya… and the entire family… movie night at the Castle! Every Tuesday night we show a movie right up on COCONUTS wall. Our local movie hostesses, CC, AMY, IZZY and MEGAN, will serve up free popcorn and candy… fun starts at dusk!!
    Coconuts, the best beach bar on the planet and everywhere else... plan life accordingly!

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Coconuts Beach Bar - 7/18/14
Posted On: Friday, July 18th, 2014
    There’s a reason they call it barhopping…. Coconuts Bar to the Tiki Bar, Tiki Bar to Coconuts Bar… you get the picture!  And some of our favorite hoppers were here this week. Welcome back HELEN and PHIL, sister BARBARA (now a local!), the whole TRACEY clan, MARY, JEFF, MOLLY and OLIVIA.
    Nice to see our favorite Fractured  Prune friends, COLLEEN and TAD last weekend, here with the fam; but where was SANDY??
    Hey, don’t forget you can be served your favorite libation, cool salad or hot burger right here on the Castle beach. Just look for our beautiful servers, MILA, BECKY, ASHLEY and TAWNEY.  Can’t miss their neon orange bikinis.  Don’t fret ladies, I‘m working on “BEACH BOYS” for us next year!
    Rockin musical lineup this week…. JOE and JOHN, LAUREN GLICK, JOHN LAMERE, CHRIS and JOE and MICHAEL SMITH... check the full schedule in our ad.  Speaking of a rockin day, mark your calendar for Saturday, August 9th. JOE MAMA DAY… this is one day you do not want to miss! A fun day full of raffles, 50/50’s, HUGE Silent Auction - all to benefit our local Believe in Tomorrow House. Many thanks to DAWN and MARY, our guest bartenders this Monday… donating all their tips to Joe Mama.
    Join us for TIPSY TURTLE TUESDAYS. Indulge in our famous rum drink Tipsy Turtle and be entered in our summer-long contest to win an expense paid trip to our sister resort in the Bahamas, The Green Turtle Club. See ya Tuesday!
    Happy Birthday to our own JUAN SEARS…. where did he celebrate…. at COCONUTS - the best beach bar on the planet and everywhere else!

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Coconuts Beach Bar - 7/11/14
Posted On: Friday, July 11th, 2014
    Rain, rain go away... and it did! How lucky were we? An absolutely beautiful weekend to celebrate our nation’s independence. So happy July! Happy Coconuts! Happy Hour! Every day from 5-6 buy one get one free.  Happy hour etiquette ... know what you want, have cash in hand and remember 1 means two, two means 4!!!
    Our favorite families from CT, NY and MD, Mary and Jeff, Dawn and George and Helen and Phil are once again visiting Coconuts for an extended stay. It’s great to see them year after year, 20 years and counting! We, the employees, appreciate their smiles and dinner on the south patio and thank them for their devotion to Castle in the Sand. If you weren't there Monday, you missed the "best" guest bartenders at the Crush Bar. Dawn and Mary, with Katie for backup, happily gave it their all and ALL their tips to Joe Mama’s favorite charity, the Believe in Tomorrow House.
    Speaking of the Believe in Tomorrow House, mark your calendars for August 9th. Coconuts will host Joe Mama Day with all proceeds being donated to the Believe in Tomorrow House, a charity that grants terminally ill children a wish. There will be corn hole, volleyball, silent auctions, 50-50's, Joe Mama memorabilia and Joe Mama himself. A fun time is ALWAYS had by all!
    Last Friday night everyone was rocking out to the tunes of John LaMere. It was great to see Paul and Paige, Connie and Deb and Bill.
    Every Tuesday is Tipsy Turtle Tuesday when you have a chance to win an all expense paid week to our sister resort in the Abacos, Bahama.  While you are enjoying our award winning rum punch, hang around for trivia which starts at 6:30, followed by a free movie shown on the wall at Coconuts.  There's always something for everyone at Coconuts, the best beach bar on the planet and anywhere else!

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Coconuts Beach Bar - 7/4/14
Posted On: Friday, July 4th, 2014
    Vicki and Michael escaped to Hitchings Avenue once again so they could
be close to Coconuts and all the FUN. They have the perfect routine, all day on the beach... and then to our famous Happy Hour; every day 5-6 buy one get one free! The bestest, fastest happy hour on the island. Remember, cash in hand, know what you want, and one means two... two means four!
    Sooo much going on here at Coconuts each week. Awesome entertainment daily, movies, trivia... Tuesdays Coconuts is the place to be! We offer Tipsy Turtle Tuesday (where you have the opportunity to win a chance at a Bahamian vacation), a free movie every Tuesday shown on Coconuts wall along with popcorn and candy and also on Tuesday, starting at 6:30pm, we've started Trivia with a $25 gift certificate up for grabs to our most "informed" patrons.
    This week the Dew Tour was in town and brought many new faces. But we're partial to our favorites... there's Delmar and Dena (Frog Bar owners) who visit us at Happy Hour, whenever they get the chance, Stacy's here for an extended visit, and brought cupcakes to celebrate Connie’s birthday, and Jeff and Janice also stopped in.
    Always great to see Karl and Barb and their sons Alex, Anthony and Owen. Barb and the boys get to stay for the summer (know lots of you are jealous!). But the boys have jobs and she has three boys, enuf said. A thank you in advance for volunteering your time to help out with Joe Mama Day this year.
    Everyone mark your calendars, Saturday, August 9. You don't want to miss
this fundraiser for The Believe in Tomorrow House, located right here in Ocean City. Craziness abounds in Coconuts with Silent Auctions, 50-50's, Volleyball, and Corn Hole, Joe Mama memorabilia and, of course, Joe Mama himself. Poole and the Gang will start the festivities at 12 followed by Cool Change.  So come on out, be prepared to have a great time and donate to a good cause.
    Coconuts, the best beach bar on the planet and everywhere else!

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