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"This Little Light Of Mine"
Written By: Linda Sears
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    I am the lead vocalist of one of the top classic rock bands in Ocean City, Md., "Old School O.C.". Many times I have been asked questions about my musical career. Like how long have you been singing? Did you have a vocal teacher? What was the first song you ever sang? How many bands were you in and where have you played through the years? Can you teach me to sing?
    With these new 2015 "Just Sayin" articles I am going to share with you my journey into the person that I am today. The awesome people that I have met along the way including some very famous ones. My ups and downs successes and failures. I will share my mentors and how they had my back along the way and very thankful I am for their help. Let's start at the very colorful beginning!
    I was born on top of a mountain in a little town called Pickens W.V., not in a hospital. With the very first breath I took it must have come out sounding melodic! My grandmother said to everyone in the room, "this little girl is going to be a singer"! As a tiny little girl growing up on top of that mountain with no one around for miles, my only playmates were animals. For hours I would play in the front yard by an old fashion well pump. My grandmother left a bucket under the faucet because it had a constant drip so as a result it always had water in it. The animals knew this and would come for a drink day and night. I wasn't afraid of any of them and I guess because I was so little they felt safe. My mother told me that I would make up songs and sing or just babble to them all day. She told me that when she would take me in for a nap and then bring me back outside they would be waiting for me. Squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks, and even a baby fawn would not run away; they would just set and watch me play. One day my grandmother even found bear tracks outside the parlor window right where my crib was sitting alongside the fireplace. So animals big and small watched over me as a child; how cool is that?
    When I was growing up my grandfather, grandmother, aunts, uncles, mom and dad all called me "Princess". There was no pre-school at this time so when I started the first grade we were to learn how to write our name along with the ABC's at the same time. So when it came my turn I told the teacher my name was Princess and she laughed ! She tried to get me to write Linda and so this was my first time getting into trouble in school. I apparently used a couple of bad words and told the teacher that was not my name and I wasn't going to write that other name on my papers. So for the first years of my life and through first grade my name was "Princess". So I hope that this explains a few very important facts about how I grew up feeling and acting like a Princess and having all the animals of the forest as my friends just like in all the fairy tales! I felt more comfortable around animals than people.
    There was this young man who was just a few years older than me named Sonny. He had taken it upon himself to be my protector. On the first day of school he came to my house to walk me to school. I called him my chariot because every morning, sunshine, rain or snow, he would hoist me on his shoulders and off we would go. He would wait for me after school as well and carry me home safely. He said that I would sing to him the whole way to and from school. He was devastated when we moved away and so was I. I still see him and give him a big hug every time I visit West Virginia.
    We left that little town and our three-story country house when I was just finishing my first grade. I started the second grade in a whole new very strange world. We moved into a two bedroom apartment in what I thought was a big city. It had this little room with a white stone-like thing mounted on the floor that you could do your private business in. Then push this handle down and the water would go around and around and disappear; amazing and magic that I had never seen before! My mischievous brother would flush his toy soldiers and other objects down the toilet. He would then run out back to wait for the them to come running out the back of our house. Not! They were gone and he cried but he was in so much trouble!
    There was a bathtub that we didn't have to bucket the water out the window when all five of us were finished with our bath. The coolest thing was that we all could decide if we wanted to take a tub bath or stand real still and let the wall-mounted water fall run down our back. The stream near our house in West Virginia and the waterfall nearby was our bath and shower for a long time until we actually were the first in our town to get a real bathtub. We actually did have to empty the tub by throwing the buckets of water out the upstairs window. New life, and a new world!
    My first day of Sunday school was the best day ever! My Bible study teacher heard me singing "This Little Light of Mine" and asked me to join the choir. I was eight or nine, the youngest person in the choir, but I could hang with the best of them. I would sing very loud and picked up on the songs quickly and soon was chosen for solos. I was in heaven singing and couldn't wait for Sunday to roll around!
    Entering Jr. High was scary and I always felt like an outsider! I just wanted to fit in and really wanted to find a way to get into the choir at school. One day I found myself sitting on a bench alongside the football field all alone. There were words running through my head and so I got out a pad of paper and began to write. "Dropped Off On the Wrong Planet!” This was the title of what I had begun to write and just how I felt. "Just Sayin"! Because I was so into music I thought that I was writing a song, so I showed it to my music teacher, Ms. Penagokaus. To this day I don't know what she thought of my song because she just handed it back to me and sat silent for a minute. Her next words changed my life!
– To Be Continued"
    In my next article I will continue on with how so many people helped me love music, to share with others and become the person I am today!
    Thank You for being a fan of my "Just Sayin" articles! You can contact me at

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