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"Toes In The Sand"
Written By: Linda Sears
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"Toes In The Sand"
The Lippe family from Washington, D.C.

    This past week was surely a gift from Mother Nature! Mid October and I am walking on the boardwalk on Sat. with my family and a close friend visiting from out of town. I have been craving a candy apple and had been waiting for there not to be so many people in town. So on Sat. the sun came out and it was so beautiful we decided to hit the boards to find that yummy candy apple. To our surprise the boardwalk was buzzing. A lot of people were out having the same idea as us. It was too late to turn back as I already had that candy apple eaten, if you know what I'm sayin’. As we began our walk from the very end of the boards we took notice of all the families and it really made my heart sing. I mean to say whole families, mom, dad, lots of kids, and their pets. I heard someone say that there was a pet parade earlier in the day which explained some of the dogs that were wearing little frilly skirts and some had cute little hats tied to their heads. Sorry I missed that; maybe next year I will hear about it before it takes place so I can bring my little guys.
    Anyway, as we made our way down the boards I couldn't believe how long the line was at the Thrasher's Fries. It was all the way back to Dumpster's Ice Cream and beyond. We made our way past the gaming booths unscathed and without being tempted to throw down a dollar or two to try and win that Sponge Bob Square Pants stuffed doll. I Love that guy, Just Sayin’! I found the candy apple booth and, yeah, they were open and having a sale - buy one get one free. Of course I just had to walk away with four of those yummy apples. Who knows when I will make it back down to the boards and how long they will be open.
    The guys decided to walk the fishing pier and I, apples in hand, with the rest of the family took our shoes off and through the sand we headed for the water. Right there at the fishing pier must have been the surfers paradise that day as surf was definitely up and there were a lot of them out there. Maybe it was because hurricane Gonzolo was off our coast, the waves were epic! The surfers were catching some awesome waves and I was loving sitting in the sand watching them as well as the families playing in the sand and water on such a glorious sun-shiny day.
    As I sat there a family with the cutest tiny little baby walked up right next to me. They proceeded to take his little booties off and rolled up his little pants legs and his mom held him just ever so close to the sand. The dad and granddad moved into that perfect position with their I-pad and cell phone in hand so they both could catch  this little guy’s very first "Toes in The Sand" at 3 1/2 months old! it was a touching moment and after many pictures of them all moving from sand to water with all their toes in the sand and back I asked them where they were from. They said they were the Lippe family from Washington and they shared with me that it was Thomas's very first trip to Ocean City. They said they love Ocean City and were so excited to bring their little guy to the beach for the very first time. Three generations standing in front of me bubbling over with excitement over bringing their baby to the beach! How wonderful is that! I felt blessed to see this. I thank the Lippe family for sharing their special moment with me!  I had to share this with you all as this is just what I had done with both of my sons. As they grew older I couldn't get either one out of the water after that, so look out, mom and dad!
    This is what is going to keep this town thriving and growing. We need to keep it a town where families feel safe to bring their whole family, generation after generation, at any time, day or night! I'm Just Sayin’!
    Quote of the Week: "There is a Power in You That is Greater Than Any Power Against You"!
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