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BJ's on the Water
Written By: Amy Morgan
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BJ's on the Water
BJ's on the Water
Executive Chef Michael Fritz serving a fantastically scrumptious buffet to guests celebrating the 30th anniversary of BJ’s on the Water - Still the Same!
BJ's on the Water
Here are just a few of the friendly and capable staff waiting to serve you, pictured on the gorgeous bayside deck: Jo, Jared, Dan, Loreal, Bethany, Mgr. Marko, Angela, Kelly and John.
BJ's on the Water
Dedication to excellent service is represented by these three excellent bartenders, Renee, Frank (25 years at BJ’s) and Christy.
BJ's on the Water
Part of the amazingly talented entertainment offered at BJ’s is house band Teenage Rust & The Fabulous Rustettes: Paul, Maddy, Billy, TLutz, Crystal & Howard.
    A spacious table in a spacious room surrounded by wall-size windows looking out on one of the most beautiful and awe inspiring bay views you've ever seen. A fabulous meal served with pleasant and expert expedience yet never rushed. A relaxing, rustic atmosphere mindful of the serenity of a large log cabin in the country, miles from anything else. What more could you ask for? Nothing. Yet you get this and much, much more at BJ's on the Water. Snuggled right in the bay at 75th St., BJ's has become an Ocean City icon, celebrating 30 years of great food and entertainment. If it's relaxation and a closer walk with nature you want, it's BJ's. If it's a great meal at a great price, it's BJ's. If it's an intimate night or a rip-roaring time, it's BJ's. And, if you want some of the best entertainment around, it's BJ's.
    We all love this place and love its owners, Billy and Maddy Carder, who always greet their guests as if they are family. I love that about them. They're just down-to-earth good people and that attitude is reflected in their wonderful restaurant.
    My daughter, Candy, and I were greeted at the door by Marko and, much to our delight, were seated right by one of the many windows directly overlooking the bay. I had to stop and catch my breath. Even though it was a somewhat cloudy day, it was still so beautiful. A mixture of light and dark, fluffy clouds pierced by peak-a-boo points of blue sky that shot out bright sunrays from a heavenly point to spread out over the calm waters. It was like being in the happy ending of an old, animated Disney movie. An Osprey busily perfecting her nest on a perch in the center of a lush green marsh at the bay’s edge, caught our eye. Nearby we also spotted an egret carefully stalking his way through the shallows, and a stately Mallard couple out for an evening swim. Wow!
    Well, now that I've lulled you into a hazy, yummy place, I'll start with Candy's choice who, being 10, ordered the Chicken Nuggets. Candy said these were "great!" and, turns out, very entertaining too, because they were in the shapes of dinosaurs! She had lots of fun performing an entire dino saga complete with roaring sound effects in between happy bites!
    Okay, she was obviously happy; my turn.
Being the beef lover that I am, I chose the Char-grilled USDA Black Angus Steak, a juicy slab of center cut, choice, aged western beef; a winner to satisfy the biggest appetite and most discerning tastebud! My sides of house salad and cole slaw were fresh and the soft warm rolls were yummy with real butter and honey.
    Now let me tell you about the excellent new Fall menu being offered at BJ’s on the Water. In addition to their regular menu, a special, and I mean very special, dinner is offered each night, 5pm ‘til 1:30 am. On Mussel Mania Monday you can have 1 lb. of steamed mussels served with melted garlic butter and garlic toast for only $5.99. Follow that amazing appetizer with a London Broil served with homemade mashed potatoes topped with mushroom gravy,  a garden salad, roll and butter for only $12.99. Tuesday is Chicken and Dumplins day, and boy do I love that dish; only $10.99. Wednesday enjoy Spaghetti & Meatballs, also $10.99; both meals come with a garden salad.
    Lookin’ for a juicy burger? Thursday is the night for BJ’s 8-ounce char-grilled burger for an amazing $4.00. Can’t beat that! Friday and Saturday treat yourself to Char-grilled USDA Black Angus Steak Special, complete with two sides. Now that’s a meal! The week is complete on Sunday with Crunchy Fish and Chips. They make it their special way: pretzel encrusted Grouper, served with hand-cut fries, malt vinegar and homemade cole slaw - all for $10.99. Those are the meal deals of the decade, my friends. Now you can eat out every night, probably more economically than at home.
    You'll have to get to BJ's and check out the rest of their spectacular menu for yourselves. Delicious appetizers; the largest salad selection I've ever seen; a delicious soup du jour, more mouth-watering seafood, beef and pasta dishes; yummy desserts; and a really large selection of sandwiches!
    The NFL season is well underway with all games being shown on their many TVs, and BJ’s has the Sunday Specials package for you, too. Check this out: 3-Pack Saloon Burgers only $6.49; Hot Fingers & Fries, $4.99; Fiesta Franks (jalapeño & cheese stuffed hot dog) & Fries, just $4.99. Sunday Lunch Specials include Steak & Eggs with Home Fries & toast  for $13.99, and Creamed Chipped Beef with Home Fries for $7.99. Wow, why would you go anywhere else with that kind of scrumptious food and all your friends to join you in cheering on your favorite team.
    Remember that entertainment is always great with never a cover charge, every Friday & Saturday plus Wednesday for Happy Hour. Don’t forget the annual Happy Hour Halloween on Friday, Oct. 29 at 4 pm featuring Teenage Rust & The Fabulous Rustettes.
    All in all, I'd say AWESOME! Awesome meal, incredible sights and fabulous time! BJ's, on the bay at 75th Street. Don't miss out on 30 years of food and fun!
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