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Coconuts Beach Bar & Grill
Written By: Tish Michel
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Coconuts Beach Bar & Grill
Coconuts Beach Bar & Grill
Coconuts Beach Bar & Grill mgr. Jeff along with Chloe (my server), mgr. Joe & Michelle invite you to join them for fun in the sun.
Coconuts Beach Bar & Grill
The sunny beachside Coconuts Beach Bar & Grill patio is a delight to the senses.
Coconuts Beach Bar & Grill
Coconuts servers & beach girls: Salo (Colombia), Melissa (Olney, Md.), Colleen (Bel Air, Md.) & Vlad (Moldova).
    Ah, Ocean City in the summertime where life is good and the living is easy!  Anyone who has read my column knows how much I enjoy live music. If you’ve met me, you know I also love to eat. So here’s your quiz for the day. What do you get when you cross great outdoor beach atmosphere with good food and wonderful live entertainment?  You’re correct if you guessed Coconuts Beach Bar and Grill located at the Castle in the Sand, direct ocean front between 37th and 38th streets. There is no finer place to enjoy lunch with friends than Coconuts.
    In addition to the food and music, there are palm trees, sand and beautiful yellow and orange Hibiscus and other tropical plantings.  If you enjoy playing or just watching volley ball, Coconuts is the place for you.  The most unique feature about Coconuts is that they are only one of two places in Ocean City where you can be served meals and drinks right under your own umbrella on the beach. I remember when the Castle stood proud on the beach with just two twin houses to the north where Diamond Beach now stands. Built in 1959, the Castle has a “grandfathered in” liquor license allowing this privilege of serving folks on the beach.  
    The Castle in the Sand is owned by Adam Showell. I understand from the staff that business is better than ever at the Beach Bar and Grill and that Adam is pleased with the mix of locals and hotel guests Coconuts attracts. I’m not surprised to hear that business is so good even in a down economy.  When you provide the right mix of food and entertainment in a beautiful setting, it’s a winning situation in any economy! The setting that was always delightful has been renovated this year and is even more appealing; I particularly like the new tables that line alongside of the band.
    Judith Carter and I had a delicious lunch today at Coconuts as we listened to The Bobcats, a newly formed group of well seasoned musicians. Bobby Wilkinson (half of Opposite Directions) and three members of Full Circle (Michelle Schachter, Kathy Denk and David Wimbrow) play a wide variety of tunes and their harmonies are just spot on perfect. Bobby has a sense of humor like no other and always has me in stitches. Now teamed up with David Winbrow, the one liners just keep on coming. My favorite line of the day was from Bobby after they finished a Tom Waits song entitled “Downtown Train;” Bobby said “Ah, Tom Waits for no one.”  This is part of the reason I so love coming to Coconuts. There is music every day and the locals know this is the spot to be for great food and music. Many local musicians come to Coconuts to hang out on their day off and guest appearances make for a party atmosphere. It’s always a good and friendly crowd at Coconuts. The bar is especially packed between 5 and 6 when drinks are priced 2 for 1.
    Our server today was Chloe from North Hampton, England. Chloe arrived in Ocean City in January and is enjoying her new home on our eastern shore. She is also an artist and recently did a cover for our own Coconut Times. Thanks, Chloe, for the wonderful service with a smile! Judith started off with a Rum Runner that was chilled to perfection. Judith and I shared the Crab Bites for an appetizer. There were four large fried crab balls served with tartar and cocktail sauce.  Yum - the Crab Bites were seasoned perfectly and contained hearty size lumps of crab. I usually order the Blackened Fresh Tuna Caesar Salad. This is my favorite meal at Coconuts and I highly recommend it - be sure to tell your server how well done you want the Tuna; I prefer it cooked a lovely pink medium rare. Today I thought I’d try something different and ordered the Jamaican Grilled Mahi  sandwich; the fish was delicious and cooked to perfection. The Mahi came with a spicy mustard which was too peppery for my taste so I just scraped the mustard off and was then a happy camper.  Judith ordered the Prime Rib sandwich and was quite pleased with the slow roasted beef that melted in her mouth. We added an order of onion rings to the mix today and they were oh sooooo gooood!
    We had lunch at Coconuts the day before with Lauren Glick who was celebrating a highly successful finish to her Anatomy class. Lauren ordered the Prime Rib sandwich with Horseradish sauce and was also delighted with this lovely new addition to the menu. Judith Carter’s and Bobby Wilkinson’s favorite is the Pepperjack Chicken Wrap which is grilled chicken and pepperjack cheese rolled in a wrap with bacon, lettuce, tomato and server with a side of ranch dressing. Another favorite of mine is the California Turkey Wrap which is tender sliced turkey breast with sprouts, tomato and avocado with ranch dressing on the side. I also have to break my diet every so often to order the Mega Dog - a 1/4 pound all beef hot dog served with all the fixings. Joe Smooth and other musicians play in front of the grill and I can see why the Mega Dog is so popular with them - the dogs smell divine on the grill! Of course the hamburger cooked to order with that fresh outdoor charcoal grill taste is always a favorite.  
    There is a new wrap this year that I’m going to try soon; it’s the Happy Hippie Veggie Wrap made up with diced veggies in a Key West seasoning blend with Avocado Ranch dressing. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Some of my other favorites besides what I ordered today are the Jerk Chicken and Chicken Salad served as either a sandwich or salad. My gent, Dew, loves the Teriyaki Chicken Breast Wrap that comes with lettuce, tomato and honey mustard sauce on the side.  All sandwiches are served with lettuce, tomato, pickle and chips and you have a choice of breads and rolls.
    There are six delicious choices for kids 10 and under for just $5.50 which includes beverage and Smiley Fries. Coconuts is a very family oriented place and the childrens’ menu certainly supports this mission. I also love to see how the musicians interact with the kiddies and make them feel a part of the show. I must mention that John LaMere who plays with Crowded Outhouse on Wednesdays has an exceptionally delightful manner with the youngsters.  
    Two Guys and a Mama (Dave Sherman, Chris Button and Joe Mama) play every Sunday from 2 to 6. Bob Wilkinson & Joe Smooth play on Mondays.  Joe Smooth is the 2005 Coconut Times “Entertainer of the Year.” Bobby Wilkinson and Darin Engh of Opposite Directions won Coconut Times “Entertainers of the Year” a while back. Allow me to tell you about the great music the rest of the week. On Tuesdays you’ll be well entertained by the Randy Lee Ashcraft Duo (2008 Entertainers of the Year). Come for lunch on Wednesdays and groove to Crowded Outhouse (John LaMere, Chris Button & Joe Mama); they were awarded Entertainbers of the year in ‘07. On Thursdays and Saturdays you will either hear Kevin Poole (also a prior C T “Entertainer of the Year”) & Joe Mama or Danny Shivers or the Bob Cats. Darin Engh, owner of Beach Music, will delight you with his awesome guitar playing on Fridays. Darin can sing and play just about any song you like.
    Coconuts definitely provides the best in music as well as great food and fabulous setting. They are providing music in the early evening hours some Saturdays this year. Swing by Coconuts some afternoon and you just might find yourself saying “it doesn’t get any better than this.”
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