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Johnny’s Pizza & Pub
Written By: Tish Michel
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Johnny’s Pizza & Pub
Johnny’s Pizza & Pub
Just a few of the staff at Johnny’s inviting you to come visit: Jay, Rich, Philomena, Lisa, Katie & Kelsy.
Johnny’s Pizza & Pub
Johnny’s had a full house enjoying pizza and more from their extensive menu including a long list of specialty pizzas.
Johnny’s Pizza & Pub
If you’re looking for double delicious try Johnny’s Signature Pizza.
Johnny’s Pizza & Pub
You can almost see this scrumptious Crab Dip bubbling and the fried green beans were tender and tasty.
Johnny’s Pizza & Pub
Johnny’s Pizza & Pub is located on Coastal Highway at 56th Street.
    Do you like Pizza?  Yeah, I know, who doesn’t like Pizza! Well, have I got a great place for you to go and feast till your heart’s delight on the best Pizza around. Yes, my friends, I’m talking about Johnny’s Pizza & Pub on the bayside of 56th and Coastal Highway. Johnny’s is owned by Pam and Johnny Hofman and was established in June of 2010. In just a short time, Johnny’s has become the place to go for Pizza and great entertainment as well on weekends.
    I went last Friday night with Brenda Golden and we had a delightful time. The atmosphere is great with top quality wood bar and tables, tile floor, tiffany lamps along with fun modern style lamps. There are TVs for those who don’t want to miss sporting events.  The walls also have quite a few guitars (Johnny plays) and surf boards as well as a ton of interesting pictures and other memorabilia to capture your interest. There are also hanging fern plants and other hanging baskets of green. Johnny’s just has a really comfy and welcoming feel.
    Our server was Philomena; she was delightful and provided us with excellent assistance. She is an Ocean Pines resident and has been working the past few years since high school to save up for a trip to Italy. She will spend this fall and winter in Italy and then hopes to attend Culinary Arts School in New York when she returns.  
    Brenda and I began our meal with fried Zucchini Sticks served with ranch and marina sauces for dipping. Oh, were these scrumptious! We also sampled the crab dip served piping hot in a bread bowl with crackers. The crab dip was creamy, cheesy and simply delicious. We purposefully didn’t finish the appetizers as we wanted to save room for the main event – Pizza.
    Brenda ordered the Neptune’s Seafood Feast Pizza and boy oh boy was it ever delicious. This pizza is your welcome to Ocean City with garlic butter, open ocean-caught shrimp seasoned with Old Bay, Maryland blue crab meat, mozzarella and Wisconsin white cheddar cheeses, and white onions baked at 500 degrees in Johnny’s state-of-the-art oven. It was cooked until golden brown then topped off with fresh parsley and another sprinkle of Old Bay seasoning.  YUM!!!
    Have you ever had a double Pizza?  Well, I hadn’t so I decided to try Johnny’s Special Signature Pizza served as a double.  Johnny’s Special Signature Pizza is loaded with tomato sauce, cheese, pepperoni, sausage, green peppers, mushrooms and onions. A double is when you get a second crust as well as a second layer of toppings served on top of the first. How absolutely decadent, my friends – just sinfully delectable! No matter what pizza you order, the crust is thin and very good. I usually leave a lot of crust and feed it to my dog Mel. Not with Johnny’s pizza; it’s so thin and delicious that I don’t leave a morsel. I did take the leftovers home and gave Mel a shrimp and a piece of the bread bowl from the crab dip.
    I have tried many of Johnny’s gourmet pizzas and my personal favorite is The Works which includes everything in Johnny’s Special Signature Pizza plus bacon and black olives. I ask for sweet peppers instead of the olives and a hardy amount of the delicious tomato sauce. Yum – just can’t eat like that too often these days. Johnny has many other pizza choices including a Breakfast Pizza as well as dessert pizzas of either apples and cream cheese or strawberry preserves and cream cheese.
    My friend Dew usually has Johnny’s mouth watering steak sub loaded with onions, green peppers, lettuce, tomato and mayo. We also love the onion rings.There are lots of other choices including burgers, wings and many interesting salad choices. Every time I go, the place is usually packed. Friday night was no exception and I noticed everything served to neighboring tables looked fabulous and I saw only empty plates cleared from the tables. Need I say more?
    Grab your friends and family and head out to Johnny’s for a wonderful reasonably priced meal - you’ll be glad you did!  Oh, I almost forgot to mention – JOHNNY’S DELIVERS!  The number is 410-723-5600. And you can get their entertainment listing right here in this paper or

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