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M.R. Ducks
Written By: Jenny Samuels
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M.R. Ducks
M.R. Ducks
Becca, Brittni, and Jameson serve up good food, good drinks, and great smiles at M.R. Ducks.
M.R. Ducks
Cudos to the Cafe crew who cook up all that fabulous food: Erik, Donnie, Jeff, Brooks & mgr. Dave.
M.R. Ducks
Carrie, Lyndsey, and Jenny enjoyed dinner and sunset at M.R. Ducks.
M.R. Ducks
Just another glorious sunset at Sunday's Duck Party with Kristi, Jill, Lyndsey, and Jenny.
    I was delighted this week when I had the chance to visit M.R. Ducks on the Talbot Street Pier for Best Bites. M.R. Ducks is my favorite vantage point in Ocean City for watching picturesque sunsets over the bay. And, every time I’m there, I make new friends—like the pleasant visitors on the barstool next to mine, the outgoing staff that ensures each customer is happy, and the Ocean City locals who always have a good time at the Duck Parties on Saturday and Sunday.
    My fun and gorgeous friends, Carrie and Lindsay, joined me on Tuesday night for sunset and dinner at M.R. Ducks. We sat down at the bar, which is underneath a gazebo that literally sits over the bay, and we admired the panoramic water view next to the Route 50 Bridge. Becca’s warm smile and Jameson’s dreamy blue eyes greeted us from behind the bar, and they presented us with menus. Both bartenders recommended the Jumbo Lump Crabmeat, served hot or cold with “quackers,” cocktail sauce, and melted butter.
    Other tempting appetizers on the M.R. Starters menu are Steamed Clams and Shrimp, Crab Dip, Crab Balls, Fried Shrimp, Coconut Shrimp, and Chicken or Buffalo Fingers. We ordered a guaranteed favorite, plus something different—Scallops Wrapped in Bacon and Fried Green Beans. Six juicy scallops are served skewer-style with tangy BBQ sauce for dipping. The Fried Green Beans are served in a basket with ranch dressing, and must be nutritious, right? Jameson also suggested C.M. Wangs—a basket of 10 chicken wings, served with celery and bleu cheese. You can choose from 10 types of flavors, ranging from mild to hot. What is Jameson’s favorite? The Happy Hooker Wangs—10 pieces tossed in sweet & spicy plum sauce.
    Perfect for eating lunch or dinner on the water while listening to popular bands, M.R. Ducks serves up a delectable array of salads, sandwiches, pizza, and baskets. Crab Cake, Crab Cake Club, Pork BBQ, Chicken BLT, and grilled or blackened Tuna or Chicken are just a few of many tasty sandwiches served with lettuce and tomato on a Kaiser roll with chips or fries. For chicken sandwich lovers, M.R. Ducks offers a breaded Buffalo Chicken sandwich, Crabby Chicken—topped with Crab Dip, bacon, and cheddar, and Big Bubba’s Chicken—topped with bacon, cheddar, and BBQ. For hamburger lovers, M.R. Ducks offers 5 styles of 1/2 lb., Black Angus Burgers, including Black & Blue and Surf & Turf—topped with Crab Dip, bacon, and cheddar.
    We ordered two summertime treats: Shrimp Salad Sandwich and Soft Shell Crab Sandwich. Served Maryland style, the Shrimp Salad was overstuffed with meaty shrimp and bursting with Old Bay seasoning. The Soft Shell Crab Sandwich is truly colossal sized, and tasty to the last bite. M.R. Ducks also serves a kid’s menu and specialty drinks.
    Happy Hour at M.R. Ducks is from 4 to 7 p.m., Monday through Thursday, featuring $1.75 cans, $2.50 domestics, $3.75 imports, $3.25 rails, $4.25 wine, and $5.50 1/2 lb. steamed clams and shrimp. Coming soon, M.R. Ducks will feature Barstool Fishing Wednesdays. They’ll supply the bait and poles; you’ll supply the fun. Of course the best time of the week to visit M.R. Ducks is Saturday and Sunday, from 4 to 9 p.m., when the deck becomes a dance floor and rockin’ bands pack the dock. It’s a wonderful place to watch the phenomenal sunset, and you’ll find me there on Sunday funday.
    Fun-seeking patrons find dining, live entertainment, shopping, boat rides, and water sports at M.R. Ducks, ideally situated downtown on the Talbot Street Pier. Check out the gift and retail shop, and take home souvenir apparel.  Explore the boat fleet, and maybe take a fishing expedition or nature cruise aboard the Duckaneer, OC Rocket, Happy Hooker, or Assateague Adventure. Bring the whole family for a fun-filled day. Say hello to Jeannie, Jameson, Becca, Brittni, and the entire friendly staff at M.R. Ducks, and remember to try the jumbo lump crabmeat.
    I’m sure you’ve heard the M.R. Ducks riddle, but here’s a memory refresher: M.R. Ducks … M.R. Not . . . OSAR, CM Wangs . . . L I B . . . M.R. Ducks. See you at M.R. Ducks for sunset and best bites.
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