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Beach Music
Written By: Amy Morgan
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Beach Music
Beach Music
Strumming his favorite mandolin, Darin Engh displays some of the many guitars available at Beach Music.
Beach Music
Customers drop by for even the smallest, yet very important, items such as guitar strings.
Beach Music
Darin is proud of these beautiful guitars in the Beach Music acoustic room.
Beach Music
Try out your skill on this drum kit and you may be the world’s next hot drummer.
    Love music? Play music? Talk music? Sing? Just love to hang out around music? Looking for that special instrument to get that special little someone started in their own love of music? Or are you ready to outfit your own entire band? Then, for any or all of these reasons, there's only one place for you to go. Beach Music. In fact, Beach Music, at 9809 Stephen Decatur Hwy, (Rt. 611 just 1/2 south of Rt. 50), in West Ocean City, is the only complete music store you'll find anywhere at the beach or even in all of Worcester County! And there's no better place anywhere at all to get your musical groove on! Owner Darin Engh makes sure of that. Or should I say, owner, well known musician, caring member of the community, teacher and great lover of music himself, Darin Engh. Darin is probably most well known as one-half of the locally famous and most popular duo, Opposite Directions, with which he performs regularly throughout the area with his brother-in-law, Bob Wilkinson.
    It was family that sparked and nurtured Darin's interest in music early on, as he told me he has been "...lucky enough to be in the profession for 24 years. Darin is a native of Ocean City. His grandparents settled here in 1941 and he was born here. Although his immediate family moved to Florida, (Ocean City-ers' second home), and he grew up there, his love for this area later brought him back to begin his own life and career. His father, Fred Engh, played with the Red Notes and his uncle Lynn still performs in this area. It was his father who was the inspiration for the shop.
    About seven years ago, Darin decided, although he was not giving up his current musical profession, that he needed to do something more, not just for himself, but something that would enable him to help his own children someday. So, with dad's help, he began a business venture. Actually, he told me his first venture was in a much different direction and it didn't take him long to realize it just wasn't for him. So, he focused on his real dream, and opened his own music shop. And lucky for us too! Before Beach Music you had to travel to Salisbury or Delmar or further to find such a complete shop. But what's even better about Beach Music is the atmosphere and the attitude. It's a perfect chill out & rift a little, strum a little, drum a little, chat a little, laid-back-at-the-beach-on-a-Sunday-afternoon kind of feel at Beach Music. And you can do just that. Darin's philosphy is to let the instruments sell themselves. So there's no pressure or annoying salesmen standing over you or breathing down your neck here. In fact, Darin has provided special Acoustic Rooms that anyone can use to try out, in privacy and without interruption or time schedule, any of the fabulous instruments that strike their fancy. Or you can just browse around for as long as you like.
    Darin says, "We're not salesmen, but we're here to answer any of your questions." And it's been a successful philosophy. People enjoy coming in to Beach Music. I've seen, and heard, everything from people trying on apparel to singing through the many song books, (guilty!), to somebody playing on the showroom floor, with some very cool music chat on the side. Speaking of things to chat about, while you're there check out the wild paraphernalia over the doorways. There is an array of vintage and locally historic posters featuring a couple of really early Beatles and concert posters circa pre-Sunfest days at the Convention Center. Posters announcing such well-known talents as Eddie Rabbitt, Dwight Yokum, Waylon Jennings and the Dirty Dancing Tour, thanks to Bob Rothermel. Awesome!
    Darin says after all this time, he still loves being in the shop and that there are so many great benefits such as practicing his new favorite, the mandolin. He says that a music store is "... a candy store for musicians", and he loves being the guy other musicians can come to for their music. Also, he's been giving guitar lessons for years, first out of his home but now out of the shop and he loves when he hears a great guitarist and feels the pride of knowing that he helped get that person started.
    Darin told me, "You know for most people, it's whether the business succeeds or not but, for me, I've been fortunate enough to be able to surround myself with the things I truly love." And he's done this in a place he truly loves as well. He says about Ocean City, "There's no better community in the world!"
    Beach Music prices are unbeatable; he will even match internet prices which includes Takamine and Washburn and all the accessories! He's not kidding about the accessories either! I was in awe of all this "little neighborhood shop" has to offer. Not only can you get just about any type of instrument, from a ton of guitar styles to drums, keyboards, mandolins, violins (even electric ones!), and latin percussions but he also offers all the monitors, speakers, cords, strings, mikes and even the lights! Anything and everything for whatever your needs, big or small, in music. There's also a ton of song books, music magazines, and how-to DVD's to get you started! And all this with people who make you feel like you're shopping with your best friends!
    So the next time you need ANYTHING that has to do with music, or you've got some spare time and want to browse or just chat with somebody about it, come on in to Beach Music, open Monday through Saturday 11:00 am to 6:00 pm and Sundays 12:00 noon to 4:00 pm. Beach Music, right here at home. Beach Music, just around the corner on Stephen Decatur Highway. Beach Music, just come on in and get your groove on! 
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