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KY West
Written By: Jenny Steward
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KY West
Managers Ryan and Mark pose in front of the “bubble wall,” which continuously changes colors. (Red is my favorite.)
KY West
Cutting Board Appetizers are discounted on Sundays. The Grilled Bratwurst with Cheddar is a must try.
KY West
Frutti Di Mare consists of sautéed shrimp, crab, mussels, and clams over linguini in a spicy red broth.
KY West
The staff at KY West brings decades of combined experience to the table. Check out the stunning aquarium in the background.
    When we entered KY West on 54th Street and Coastal Highway, a friendly host offered us our choice of tables in the outdoor patio, the indoor dining room, or the swanky bar room. He escorted us to a lovely table in the indoor dining room, past a cozy electric fireplace, nautical wall murals, and contemporary aquariums. We admired the view of the Ocean City lights at night, and commented on the restaurant's vantage point for car event weekends, including the upcoming Endless Summer Cruisin’ weekend, and Free State Corvette Club weekend. Customers can enjoy a birds-eye view of all of the action, while dining far enough removed from the noise to enjoy intimate conversation.
    I noticed that the menu has been upgraded to a leather-faced book, which now includes an impressive wine and cheese menu with delectable options like Mobay, Menage, and Gran Canaria. For a taste of everything, order the Five Fresh Cheeses with Olives and Cured Meats plate. Also new on the menu are cutting board appetizers, such as Smoked Salmon, Baked Brie and Fruit, and Steak Tartare. New items add an extra allure factor to an already sophisticated menu.
    One thing that hasn't changed about KY West is its exceptional team of people. After Fresco's, a fine Italian eatery, closed its doors in 2014, Head Chef Michael Rendell moved his team to KY West. Michael, Max, and Jimmy are the culinary experts working behind the scenes. Meanwhile, Mark brings decades of managerial experience to the bar at KY West, while Ryan flawlessly manages the dining rooms. Our server, Lyndsey, touched our table at least once every five minutes. Having dined at many restaurants in Ocean City over the years, I genuinely appreciate an attentive, professional server. The staff at KY West pampers each customer, while setting an easy going tone.
    We started our meal with samplings of the cutting board appetizers. My favorite is the Smoked Salmon with sour cream. My husband's favorite is the Steak filet Tartare with blue cheese. We also devoured the Grilled Bratwurst with Cheddar and homemade Dijon. Another option is Pickled Veggies with honey Dijon. Manager Ryan informed us that the cutting board appetizers are discounted on Sundays during NFL games, when the restaurant caters to customers who may not be interested in the sports action. On Sundays, ladies enjoy happy hour prices all day long.
    Perhaps the most popular appetizer on the menu at KY West is Fried Green Tomatoes Napoleon. Sliced, breaded and fried green tomatoes are layered with jumbo lump crab remoulade and served as a tower. This app is picture perfect.
    Many entrées caught our eye for our main dish. The chef treated us to his chosen selections - Frutti Di Mare and Grilled Mahi Mahi. Frutti Di Mare consists of sautéed shrimp, crab, mussels, and clams over linguini in a spicy red broth. Buttery and creamy, this succulent dish is my top recommendation. The Mahi Mahi simply melted on our forks. We enjoyed both entrées to the last bite.
    Other steak and seafood entrées on the menu at KY West include New York Strip, Seared Salmon, Maryland Crab Cakes, and Filet Oscar, which is filet mignon topped with lump crab hollandaise. Carolina BBQ Glazed Tuna is topped with crispy fried oysters and scallion beurre blanc, and served over country ham and green beans. Caribbean Chicken, Lobster Pot Pie, Whiskey & Chipotle Brisket, and Coconut & Almond Crusted Swordfish are just a few more delectable entrées.
    When it was time for dessert, my sweet tooth was craving the restaurant's Bumbleberry Pie, while my husband wanted the classic Creme Brulée. We took Lyndsey's advice and tried the Italian Love Cake and Chocolate Chantilly Cake - house made devil's food cake topped with crème chantilly and chocolate shavings. Both desserts are a hit.
    After enjoying quiet conversation and excellent service in the dining room, we moved into the metropolitan bar room to enjoy DJ Roadie's soft rock collection and the restaurant's reserve wine list. A "bubble wall" is the focal point of the bar. The illuminated floor-to-ceiling feature gives the illusion of a fountain that continuously changes color. This dazzling decor needs to be seen.
    As the fall season progresses in Ocean City, the culinary team at KY West plans to change the menu on a weekly basis to showcase the best creations that each season brings. Discounts and specials are coming soon. Happy Hour is every day at KY West from 4:00 to 7:00. Ladies enjoy happy hour prices all day on Sunday, when cutting board appetizers are also discounted. In addition to dinner, KY West serves a lunch, lite fare, and children’s menu. For more information, visit,, or dial 443-664-2836.
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