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Coco Nights
Written By: Brenda Golden
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Coco Nights
Bourbon St. on the Beach presents 2 Guyz & a Mama Friday.
Coco Nights
The Girlfriends rock the house Saturday at BJ’s.
Coco Nights
Tranzfusion plays a double-header at BJ’s on Fri., Feb 23 & Sat., Feb. 24.
Coco Nights
Lennon La Ricci & the Leftovers will perform Saturday at Bourbon St.
Coco Nights
Randy Lee Ashcraft & the Salt Water Cowboys will perform Sat., Feb. 17 at Johnny’s Pizza Pub.
    Hi, friends. Miss me? I’ve missed ‘talking’ to you so let’s chat! This is the first official issue of 2018, the 33nd season of Coconut Times. I hope more and more of you are finding that my online publication is much more convenient than finding a paper, having ink smeared on your fingers, papers piling up in your house, and wasting more trees. You can prop your tablet up while enjoying your breakfast, or brunch in my case, and catch up on the music news around Ocean City. Because I did not have a column last week, I posted on facebook the lineup of Full Circle for last Friday’s performance at BJ’s. For those of you who weren’t there, let me tell you, you missed a treat. Now don’t get me wrong; Full Circle’s normal lineup of Jeff, Michelle, Barry, Kathy and Dave are the best around. Out of necessity, however, two members could not be present, so alternates were found to go on with the show. Drummer Dean Haemel (Chest Pains) was asked to put together a percussion setup which he did to great effect, lending a jazzier quality to the band’s well-performed repertoire. In addition to giant congas, Dean brought along his djembe and an assortment of percussion instruments including a new one that looked like a collection of shells tied to strands of yarn. On closer inspection, they were actually goats’ toes (or hoof nails)! No kidding - oooh! But what a cool sound they made. Check out Dean’s picture in Fun Fotos. Joe Smooth also joined Jeff, Michelle and Kathy on marvelous sax that, again, changed the overall ambience of the songs that was just wonderful. Joe Smooth always brings his smooth sound to whoever he is playing with. Kudos to Full Circle! Kathy & Michelle pulled it off again with Joe Mama on Wednesday night playing as Three’s Company; so we have a new trio in our OC musical family.
    I’d like to thank all my wonderful friends and Billy & Maddy Carder for making me feel so special and loved with a birthday celebration on Super Bowl Sunday. Yes, I know, didn’t we already celebrate two months ago? That was quite a surprise - one for which I will be eternally grateful - that I called my ‘very merry unbirthday’. But this was the real deal - I’m officially 70 years old now, Feb. 5th. We were treated to the music of Teenage Rust & the Fabulous Rustettes in a tailgate party that preceded a very exciting game later. I must say that the music of Teenage Rust has become one of my very favorites - and yours too, judging by all the positive comments. They may joke about their proficiency, but it’s just humorous humility, my friends, because each and every one of these players is a pro. They’ll play again for us in April (the 22nd, I want to say?) for the Relay for Life Cancer benefit.
    Be sure to put BJ’s on your party schedule for the next couple weeks as well (make that always) as tonight’s band is Over Time and tomorrow, Saturday, brings The Girlfriends back to town to entertain us. This female trio immediately won our approval and they continue to astound us with their musical prowess. Come in and see and hear what I’m talking about. Then the following weekend, Feb. 23-24, is a double header performance of the legendary band Tranzfusion.  You can now see their entire schedule listed in the Who’s Where When of along with their ad in Our Advertisers (on the home page on your desktop). Yes, welcome to Tranzfusion. A word to any bands or musicians out there: if you want to be a part of the lineup of entertainers, just contact me at
    It was quite an eventful week at Bourbon St. on the Beach as they held a Fat Tuesday party in honor of Mardi Gras. Owner/chef Barry Reichart engineered an inspired pairing of Smooth & Remy along with Randy Lee Ashcraft & Jimmy Rowbottom to provide the music. Joe Smooth & John Remy are well known for their love of New Orleans blues which was most appropriate at the event. And, of course, I always love the original music of Randy Lee with the incredible Jimmy on lead guitar. Chris Button and Dave Sherman were on hand to play during breaks so we were just loaded with talent - incredible! Bourbon St. followed that up with a performance from Reform School (Mike Smith & Jay Stinemire) for Valentine’s Day.
    Check out this lineup for this weekend at Bourbon St.: Chris Button & Dave Sherman will bring on Joe Mama on drums/percussion to play for us Friday night. Yes, that is 2 Guyz & a Mama. Got to be great, right. (They will perform again on Wednesday at BJ’s.) Saturday night stop in to hear the music of Lennon La Ricci & the Leftovers featuring teenage wonder Lennon on keyboards. Sunday come party hearty with Randy Jamz. Daughter Katherine is in town so I’m hoping Mary will come out too. It’s always a good time at Bourbon St.
    We’re getting closer to Spring with every week that flies by. Can’t wait ‘til our outdoor venues reopen and the sun shines warm again. But ‘til then, I’m enjoying the leisure of the season here in beautiful Ocean City. Enjoy and party safe!
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