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Robin Walter Day Spa
Written By: Jenny Samuels
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Robin Walter Day Spa
Robin Walter Day Spa
Jane and Michelle present an incredible gift basket full of beauty products, service vouchers, and gift cards. All proceeds directly go to Women Supporting Women.
Robin Walter Day Spa
These trendy clutches are just a few of many fashionable products for sale at Robin Walter Day Spa. Check out the cute skull and cross bone rings—perfect for Halloween.
Robin Walter Day Spa
Perhaps the most impressive product line showcased at Robin Walter Day Spa is the Lucky Girl Bath and Beauty brand of products.
    I’ve had the pleasure of going to Robin Walter Day Spa in Ocean Pines for several years. Not only is the spa’s elegant team of stylists and wellness professionals devoted to customer care, but also the team at Robin Walter Day Spa is committed to giving back to the local community. Each October during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Robin Walter Day Spa offers special beauty and wellness services, and hosts fundraisers and events that directly benefit the local chapter of Women Supporting Women, a grassroots organization that helps women across the Delmarva Peninsula through their journey with breast cancer. The nonprofit organization offers complimentary wigs, hats, scarves, lift chairs, support groups, and mentoring services for patients and families dealing with chemotherapy, radiation, and recurrence.
    Robin Walter Day Spa’s contributions to Women Supporting Women honor the memory of esthetician Kim King’s beloved mother, Christine Whaley, who passed away from cancer. The team at Robin Walter, along with its customers, has raised $8,000 in four years for the charity. Noteworthy activities that Robin Walter Day Spa has spearheaded in the past include a “cut-a-thon” and complimentary manicures for critically ill children and their families as part of the Believe in Tomorrow Childrens House by the Sea program, which offers pediatric respite housing in Ocean City. “You think you’re a strong person, and then you meet the mommies,” says nail technician Linda, who performs courtesy manicures on sick children ranging from four years old to teenagers.
    This year, Robin Walter Day Spa is selling raffle tickets for an incredible gift basket full of beauty products, service vouchers, and gift cards to neighboring businesses and restaurants. Walk into Robin Walter Day Spa seven days a week to purchase a raffle ticket for $5, or five tickets for $20. With your purchase, you can sign an acknowledgement card to be displayed in the spa’s window.
    Just a few of many goodies in the gift basket are a fashion clutch, a pink blanket, a shower cap, Bedhead hairspray, pink O.P.I. nail polish, and Aromatherapy Room & Body Spray. All proceeds go directly to Women Supporting Women. In an effort to gain as much momentum as possible throughout October, the gift basket drawing will occur close to the Thanksgiving holiday.
    When you visit Robin Walter Day Spa to buy your raffle tickets, take a few minutes to browse the impressive merchandise for sale. Everything from jewelry and cosmetics, to potpourri and fashionable reading glasses, are available for purchase. Perhaps the most impressive product line showcased at Robin Walter Day Spa is the Lucky Girl Bath and Beauty brand of products.
    Christy Stone Trala, an esthetician at Robin Walter Day Spa with more than 20 years of experience, developed Lucky Girl Bath and Beauty to fulfill her desire to create natural-made products. Before launching the brand in 2009, Christy had become disheartened by the prevalence of toxic and carcinogenic chemicals that are loaded into so many beauty and hygiene products that women use daily.
    Christy completed classes in California to master the craft of natural product making. Soon afterward, she began making and selling Lucky Girl Bath and Beauty perfume, hairspray, lip balm, hand sanitizer, facial and body cleansers, insect repellant, exfoliating scrub, and aroma therapy. Lucky Brand Bath and Beauty products are loaded with vitamins, and exclude harmful additives found in so many household brands.
    Now is the perfect time of year to use Lucky Girl Bath Therapies, which are made with a blend of Epsom salts, natural sea salts, and essential oils. Therapeutic benefits include detoxification, pain relief, muscle relaxation, immunity boost, cellulite reduction, better sleep, and calming effect on nerves. Hydrating bath bombs are available to add moisture to dry, itchy, irritated skin. Follow up your bath with an application of paraben-free Hydrating Body Lotion, which is packed with Vitamins A, C, and E.
    Christy also promotes a line of essential oils, as she is devoted to a “clinical approach to essential oil application.” Christy uses a combination of essential oils to help clients create their own signature scent. She is pursuing certification as an aromatherapist, and is available to educate clients on enhancing wellness, preventing aging, and transforming beauty using essential oils. Through the AromaTouch Technique, she helps clients achieve homeostasis, stress reduction, immune enhancement, and inflammatory response reduction.
    Robin Walter Day Spa offers a full suite of spa services, in addition to Breast Cancer Awareness Month activities, Lucky Girl Bath and Beauty, and AromaTouch Technique essential oils. Hair, makeup, skincare, massages, and manicures are just a few of many comprehensive amenities available.
    From the minute you approach the double glass doors at the entrance of Robin Walter Day Spa next to Food Lion in Ocean Pines, you’ll experience exquisite elegance. The spa facility is clean, soothing, and welcoming. The friendly staff is comprised of genuine, class acts who are dedicated to paying it forward.
    For more information, including a full portfolio, visit or dial 410-208-2576. Hours of operation are 9 AM until 5 PM Monday, Thursday, and Friday. The spa is open until 7 PM on Tuesday and Wednesday, and until 4 PM on Saturday. For customer convenience, Robin Walter Day Spa is open on Sunday from 10 AM until 3 PM.
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