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My Turn To Win
Written By: OC fotguy
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My Turn To Win
My Turn To Win
My Turn To Win
My Turn To Win
My Turn To Win
My Turn To Win
My Turn To Win
My Turn To Win
Christmas in Paradise is where I’m at.  The Green Parrot’s wifi on WhiteHead & Southard Street is my online connection.  I don’t need to go online more than once a week or so and this’ll work.  That’s all that’s necessary, work.  My Adventure has hit some bumps and challenges, but I think the game’s changing and it’s my turn to win, especially if I let things get really Le’id Back and this is sure the place. My walk down Duval Street got rained out last night, so it was a good night to sleep.

The first two weeks of my Adventure XVII was in Big Cypress, America’s Jungle, 26 miles deep in the everglades.  I loved it: warm, relaxing, and gorgeously natural.  Lots of usual characters (common animals & birds that I see frequently) were absent.  I did catch a glimpse of a panther and saw piles of horse sized dung that bears had left.  It was the first time I’ve been there in early December.  Maybe the migrating birds had not arrived, but I did see lots of Robins; they know where to be when it starts snowing up north, too!  My favorite restaurant in EverGlades City, the Seafood Depot, has closed and this morning I discovered Finnegan’s Wake is gone here in Key West.  I’ll miss the delicious food at both.  Alonzo’s Oyster Bar is still here in Key West.  HH there is not to be missed with 1/2$ seafood appetizers and 1/2$ ACBs.  The Lor E Lei in Islamorada with Seacret’s HatMan is still there; incredible service, and a great sunset spot with live acoustic music and Michael Trixx’s Magic Show.  It’s the local’s winter here today with highs in the 70s and too breezy to paddle my kayak.  That’s OK - it’s a good day for me to kool it, edit photos and sip cold ones.  I stopped at Home Depot and they had free pine trimmings from trees they had sold.  I took some, and I may get around to decorating my nest with them today or at least by New Year’s. I have my favorite parking spot in the corner of the County Court House lot amongst palm trees and flanked by county cars that keeps tourists at a safe distance.  It’s quiet, peaceful, warm and almost home; plus safe because the hoard of street people stay away from the court house.
My bumps and challenges, that I hope are behind me, started on the first day when I ran over a curb in a Burger King parking lot where I was taking a break before getting on Interstate 95.  That tire is replaced now.  As I arrived in Key West I felt that vibration beginning again.  Yeah, there’s one of the set of four tires left.  It’s probably shedding its tread, too.  I don’t plan on driving much here, so I’ll ignore it for a while, but replace it before I go west.  Here it’s walk, bike and kayak.  Today was to be a kayaking day.   Yesterday I’d ridden my bike to where I was going to end my paddling near the Stock Island Bridge and walked back to my nest as storm clouds got closer and closer, but the storm never happened.  My pedometer said I’d walked 5 3/4 miles.  The sun was shining most of the time and it was warm, so I didn’t mind.  This morning I walked to the ocean (really the Gulf of Mexico) side, faced the direction I’d be paddling and looked at flags atop the Waldorf Astoria.  The flags were being blown hard towards me and the wind was in my face.  No thanks, no paddling today; that would be no fun.  So I walked back to the nest buying a 4 pack of Rolling Rock ACBs on the way.  Now, I have a day to fill.  I’ve been meaning to refasten the splash guard/interior of the fender that the tire tread ripped off when it departed the tire.  Today was the day.  I’d tried twice before and it wouldn’t happen. I’ve already decided today it will happen.  Its fasteners that wouldn’t budge cooperated and came off. I fitted the guard into the crease inside edge of the fender, got the guard aligned with the holes where the fasteners go, and reattached it.  See, the power of positive thinking works!!!
Yesterday I noticed my refrigerator is dying and will only cool the chill section to 50°.  That’s not cold enough for ACBs, but the freezer seems to be working fine.  That doesn’t make sense, but lots of stuff doesn’t make sense to me!  I can put the ACBs in the freezer.  I can get by without a refrigerator.  I tent camped for ten years without one and I’ll find someone to fix it here next week.  It’s still working so I can live with that.  Yesterday when I loaded my kayak onto the back of my camper, I discovered it had taken on water, so I bought some epoxy cement to patch the hole, but when I unloaded it I couldn’t find a hole!  This morning I pulled the plug in the top and drained the water.  I guess where I left it locked up overnight, the tide had covered the plug and it drew water inside.  See, the challenges are disappearing!  Things don’t have to be easy - I can handle a challenge -  but it’s nice when things work the way they should.
Bob R  o.c.FotoGuy
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