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4th IT
Written By: Stone Scruggs
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 4th IT
The fourthright White Reaper
OK, I admit no one will get the title, a pun on UFO's 1975 album Force It. Let's move on to more obscurantist music that you should be familiar with, with reference to our Independence Day. 'Merica baby!
Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  My favorite L word was so important to the Founding Fathers, they listed it second only to Life in the preamble to our Constitution. That's why I'm a Libertarian. As an American, you reserve the right - you are at Liberty - to do whatever the HELL you want to do as long as you don't hurt anyone else.  Government's sole function is to protect us from each other in the courts and on the streets.  Keep them out of the bedroom, out of the boardroom, and out of our bodies. Take back President Johnson! 
Now that my political proselytising is done, let's celebrate the holiday with some tunes, shall we? Here's the soundtrack.
THE SKATALITES: "Independent Anniversary Ska" (1965)
Yes, it's about JA, not US. But August 6 1962 was kind of a Big Deal, and reggae starts here. Crucially crucial, as Bunny sang.
THE BEACH BOYS: "Fourth Of July" (1969/70)
I know, more Beach Boys propaganda from this old beach boy. But what an undisclosed pearl. And so apropos! Typically feckless lyrics, flag waving soaring chauvinism: "brother sister stand firmly and try/reaching the spacious sky/Fourth Of July"..."the stripes and bright stars promise love". It's all love from the Wilsons. The only Brian production between 68 and 75, as he was compelled (propelled?) from bed for the Add Some Music To Your Day sessions. Among the first of many more examples to come of drummer Denny's songwriting talents, which would prove second only to those of The Genius. And sung by Carl in a performance that is second only to his legendary turn on "God Only Knows" from, yes, here we go again, PET SOUNDS.
This space could be reserved for The Boss and his relevantly titled tome from his 1973 sophomore release. As said song represents the dull, self indulgent, overblown ballad version of Bruce Springsteen, I have chosen to disinclude it from this list - mercifully. And it's that much better for its omission. That's right - I said it.
U2:"Fourth Of July" (1984)
From those earnest Unforgettable Fire sessions so dominated by another genius named Brian. Full disclosure: at the risk of coming off like a flake, I only listen to U2 in the first half of  March. This band's pre 1999 catalogue is among my favorites and I won't risk wearing it out, precious as it is. This track is all Eno, a slight interlude credited to Adam Clayton and The Edge. Forgettable, not firey.
KEEL: "The Fourth Of July" (1988)
The third album was not their best. Overproduced by eighties metal meister/meister metal man Michael Wagener (see: Scorpions, Dokken, Saigon Kick, White Lion, Stryper, Accept, Skid Row, Great White,  Alice Cooper, Extreme - in descending order of listenability), Ron Keel and company's penultimate platter ends with the click of a beer can. Cheesy, but I can dig it. The party never ends, indeed. Incidentally, may I recommend the band's first (1984) and last (Larger Than Live, 1990) albums. 
SOUNDGARDEN: "Fourth Of July" (1993)
Dumb as dirt sludge grunge from 'garden's penultimate, and ultimately last good, release. I preferred their eighties Hiro Yamamoto initial output.
WHITE REAPER: "Last Fourth Of July" (2015)
If you listen to any of these patriotic tracks, make it this one. White Reaper Does It Again was my album of the year last year. They may be my favorite band since my beloved best band ever from Delmarva, Lower Class Citizens. But don’t get me started (their final recording, 2010's Fourplay, may be one of my top twenty albums OF ALL TIME). If you dig The Ramones - and who doesn’t - you should dig White Reaper. Dare I say they are the new Ramones. The Ramones are all dead. I’m just sayin’. Okay, they sound a bit like The Hives, if The Hives didn't suck. 
Stop what you're doing and go to Soundcloud right now and listen to "In The Middle Of America", which is their latest, having been recorded in October.
I'm a militant Atheist but God Bless America.
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